The Lost Ways- What It Teaches The Community?


When it comes to Nature, there is no such thing as coincidence. Given the dynamics of Nature of the universe, when things happen, they happen for a reason. However, many of us are not aware of this truth and live a machine-life. It is a matter of regret that people of this modern world are ignorant of handling success as well as failure. There are innumerable self-help books published on this subject and only a few has some impact on people. Among such a few, “The Lost Ways” by Claude Davis is worth a read. Readers can also browse and get more enlightened. With the advent of the Internet, the habit of reading has taken a downslide according to the experts at

What Is In This Book For Us?
Imagine the world we live now encounters a biggest economic crisis or the worst environments catastrophe, would we able to take care ourselves and our loved ones? Most of us will answer as ‘No’. It is here, the book The Lost ways comes to rescue in educating us some perfect techniques used by our ancestors during their tough times. This 350 page book is a must read for everyone.

Each chapter in this wonderful book, addresses specific survival need which is mandatory to take care of yourself and your loved ones at the time of natural or man=made disaster. For the benefit of the readers some of them are discussed here which will give them an idea:

· Food
The book offers some techniques on how to prepare nutritional food that can last long without a refrigerator.
· Water
One can learn how to preserve water in a drought environment.
· Cooking
One can learn how to construct smokehouses and how to smoke fish and other animal stuff. One can also learn how to prepare beer and survival bark bread.
· Housing
By reading ‘The Lost Ways” one is sure to learn the techniques of building a large house where more than five to ten families can live together.
· Herbal cure
One can learn how herbs are used for medicinal purposes that can cure wound and infections.

This list goes on ……

The book also comes with two supplement editions in the form of bonus reports from the same pen of Claude Davis. The first report describes the techniques of making food can rotating system, while the second report talks about some nutritional plants that are to be grown in the yards.

· Offers many valuable techniques and skills that can be useful all the time.
· Undoubtedly, the book is one of the most comprehensive survival guide available in the stores.
· Published in digital and print forms.

· Does not offer any video or audio medium for the readers.
· All instructions given need a strict commitment from the flowers.

While the world is a place of uncertainty, preparation seems to be the real key for you and your loved ones. The book ‘The Lost Ways’ is always a handy one to keep and for reading in your leisure times.

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